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Leadership Development

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Leadership Waupaca County Introductory Video    

LWC  2013-2014 Brochure Class 15

LWC 2013-2014 Application Form 

LWC Scholarships 2013-14


Tips for writing a great press release (pdf)


Session 8

Session #8 Agenda 2014  (pdf 83 KB)

Clintonville School Referendum-Fact Sheet 1 (pdf 422 KB)

Clintonville School Referendum-Fact Sheet 2  (pdf 357 KB)

Clintonville School Referendum-Fact Sheet 3  (pdf 66.5 KB)

Property-Rights-and-Public-Values- Rypkema, 2001 (pdf 388 KB)

Invest in Communities to Advance Capitalism  (pdf 146 KB)

Bridging the Skills Gap  (pdf 618 KB)

Bridging the Career Gap, Sept 2013. Insight on Manufacturing (256 KB)

Dave Thiel on Global New North, March 2014. Insight on Business  (pdf 233 KB)


Session 7

Maps to WF School District Offices (pdf 214 KB)

LWC – Session 7 Agenda 2014 (pdf 84.4 KB)

Mixing and Managing Four Generations of Employees – Hammill, 2005

WEB EXERCISE – How millennial are you?

Leadership by the New Generations PDF  (pdf 108 KB)

2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (630 KB)

The Asset Approach: 40 Elements of Healthy Development, 2007 Search Institute  (pdf 694 KB)

Overview of Eight Essential Elements of Positive Youth Development programs  (pdf 79 KB)

DPI AGENDA 2017  (pdf 2MB)

Higher Expectations  (pdf 563 KB)

Academic Standards  (pdf 512 KB)

Accountability  (pdf 512 KB)

Fair Funding (pdf 595 KB)

Optional Readings:

Can Rural America Support a Knowledge Economy  (pdf 710 KB)


Session 6


Session 6 Agenda (pdf 84KB)

Excerpts from “Systems Thinking Basics: From Concept to Casual Loops” (pdf 4,649 KB)

“The Sustainability Sweet Spot” (pdf 209 KB)

“Be Green, Save Green” (pdf 241 KB)

“Leverage Points – Places to Intervene in a System” (pdf 92.8 KB)

Earth the Operators Manual (56 minutes PBS video)

Optional Readings:

“The Subversive Conservationist” (pdf 147 KB)


Session 5

Sesssion 5 2013-2014 – Agenda  (pdf 212 KB)

“Framework of Wisconsin Government” Wisconsin Blue Book (pdf 2,209 KB)

“How a Bill Becomes a Law”  (pdf 2,372 KB)

Administrative Rules in Wisconsin  (pdf 85 KB)

Wisconsin Way: Wisconsin at a Crossroads, 2007  (pdf 460 KB)

Wisconsin Tapayers Alliance (August 2013) Window on the Wisconsin State Budget  (pdf 624 KB)

Optional Reading:

“Cut off at the Pass: Limits of Leadership in the 21st Century” B. Kellerman (August 2012) (pdf 872 KB)


Session 4

LWC – Session 4 – 2013 Agenda **DRAFT**  (pdf 36 KB)

Priority Issues Session 3 2013-14 (pdf 19 KB)

Chapter 5 “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, 2001  (pdf 1.5 MB)

Chapter 5 of “The Leadership Challenge Version 4″, by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, 2007  (pdf 1.22 MB)

UWEX Fact Sheet “County Government in Wisconsin”  (pdf 202 KB)

“County Government: History, Sevices and Funding”, Wisconsin Counties Association  (pdf 831 KB)

Interview Tips  (pdf 72.4 KB)

Optional Readings:

Chapter 3 of “Launching a Leadership Revolution”, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, 2007  (pdf 1.47 MB)

Hedgehog Exercise  (pdf 135 KB)


Session 3

Map to FIRST STATE BANK – New London

LWC Session 3 Agenda 2013

Counties, Cities, Villages, Towns – Forms of Local Government (pdf 75.5KB)

Special Purpose Districts – Types, Powers, and Duties (pdf 86.5KB)

Town Government in Wisconsin (pdf 766KB)

Organization and Powers of Cities and Villages (pdf 325 KB)

Solving America’s Debt Crisis (pdf 134 KB)

Wisconsin Land Use Megatrends: Agriculture (pdf 1.8MB)

Economic Impact of Agriculture Growing in Waupaca County (pdf 21.3KB)

Optional Readings:

Impact of the UWEX: Cooperative Extension’s Work with Agricultural Service Providers in Wisconsin (pdf 191KB)

Wisconsin Local Government: An Overview: Wisconsin Blue Book (pdf 509KB)

Challenges for State and Local Government (pdf 34.4KB)

State and Local Government Finances – Where Are We Going (pdf 445KB)


Session 2

Map to Clintonville Fox Valley Tech Campus

LWC – Session 2 Agenda – FINAL

Resolving-family-and-business-conflicts (pdf)   (116 KB)

Chapter 3 “Focus on Interest no Positions” Getting to Yes (pdf)  (728 KB)

Waupaca-County-Budgeting-A-Riverbed-Change (pdf)  (358 KB)

A Riverbed Changed Addendum  (447 KB)


Session 1

Manawa Map

Session 1 Agenda

Launching a Leadership Revolution, Chapter 1, (763KB) 

The Leadership Challenge 5th Edition Chapter 1 (1.97MB)

 Chapter 1 The Leadership Challege Edition 5 (2.55 MB)  **This is in a single page format**

 Employee Recruitment TIME article (2,221 KB)




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