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Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program

The Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program (WNEP) is a federally-funded grant program providing educational programming on nutrition, food safety, and fitness to low-income youth and adults of Waupaca County. The goal of the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program in Waupaca County is to work in partnership with others to provide nutrition education to limited-income individuals that empower them to make healthy choices that are consistent with USDA guidelines.  

WNEP Programming in Waupaca County

Youth Programming

The Waupaca County Nutrition Education teaches youth in both in elementary schools and at Head Start in the county.  Nutrition lessons are currently taught at Lincoln Elementary, Longfellow Elementary, Marion Elementary, Weyauwege Elementary, Waupaca Learning Center and at the Clintonville, New London and Waupaca Head Start centers.  In the elementary schools, lessons are taught to 2nd and 4th grade students and include learning about the food groups, how to choose healthy foods, food safety, and how to be more physically active.  Children also have the opportunity to sample new healthy foods and learn how to make healthy snacks. At the Head Start locations lessons focus on the different food groups and trying new foods.

Adult Programming

Waupaca County WNEP partners with a variety of agencies to provide adult education. Partners include: WIC, Senior Nutrition Sites, Healthy Beginnings,  Job Center, Food Pantries, CAP Services, Project Backpack and the Marion Family Resource Center.  Education focuses on learning how to plan healthy, inexpensive meal, how to foster healthy eating habits in children, simple meal preparation methods and practices, and how to be more physically active.


Choose My Plate

The USDA has replaced MyPyramid with the new MyPlate icon. MyPlate is a new symbol that helps remind us to eat healthy at each meal and helps you visualize the proportion each food group should contribute to your plate. You can find out more about MyPlate at


Waupaca County Nutrition and Activity Coalition (NuAct)

NuAct was formed in May 2003 after childhood health, nutrition and inactivity surfaced as a major health concern in Waupaca County. It is the belief of our coalition that the best way to approach the complex issue of childhood overweight is to create environments that promote healthy eating and physically active lifestyles. Community collaboration is essential to effecting positive and sustainable change. For information on NuAct click here: NuAct Brochure


Waupaca County Food Resources

As of October 15, 2004 the name of the federal Food Stamp Program in Wisconsin has been changed to “FoodShare Wisconsin.” This essential food and nutrition program no longer uses “stamps” to deliver benefits to persons enrolled in the program. The Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services hopes that this new name and image will foster an expansion of the program so all eligible children and families receive the food and nutrition assistance they need. For more information on FoodShare Wisconsin, go to this web site . To find out if you are eligible, go to: (Access to Support Services for Health & Nutrition). This website is quick, and for people who live in Wisconsin to see if they might be able to get help through Wisconsin’s health and nutrition programs.

For information on community food resources in Waupaca County please click here.

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WNEP Staff

Christi Beilfuss
WNEP Coordinator
Phone: 715-258-6479
Address: 811 Harding St., Waupaca, WI  54981

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